I'd Rather Ask For Forgiveness Than Ask For Permission

Brace yourself, because my patience has really run out on this one.  What a sorry excuse for the inability to collaborate, communicate, acknowledge the validity of other people, and understand that there is a larger organization beyond your own little fifedom.

This is a very popular approach being taken by people who lack the ability to see anything other than what's important to them.  With little or no regard for their impact on others, their flimsy excuse for this lack of consideration is often disguised as the need to make an urgent decision, usually the result of their own failure to plan well in the first place.

And if you really think about it, no one expects them to ask permission.  They are merely expected to make a rational case for the need to handle something differently; offer a viable alternative that would make sense to someone other than themselves; or, build a business case for something they want to do. In other words, act responsibly.

I completely understand if the building is on fire and it's faster and safer to direct staff out of an exit other than the one assigned on the fire plan.  That's an urgent decision that really doesn't lend itself to collaboration.  But that's not what we're talking about here.  We're talking about spoiled children who would rather place their own integrity into question than be told no.

So for what it's worth, grow up!  If you think you're impressing anyone, you're not.  If you think you're exhibiting leadership, you're not.  If you're a business leader who tolerates this kind of behaviour from your managers, shame on you.  And if you're ever unfortunate enough to work for me, it won't be for long.




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