Cobwebs and Cleaning Ladies

I’ve recently reached that time in my life when I treat myself to a cleaning lady every two weeks.  Of course I still keep things tidy, but I feel I’ve put in my time and so I’ve given those skills an early retirement package and happily declared myself redundant in the housework department.  

That is until this week.  I suppose every relationship has its honeymoon period.  Small indiscretions are overlooked because the bigger picture seems so rosey, but inevitably the rot sets in.  For me, it was the cobwebs that did it.  Yes, there have been other problems along the way, but it was the cobwebs that finally made me crack.  How can cobwebs and a cleaning lady co-exist?  It should be a universal impossibility.

But in any kind of work the ultimate judgement of our performance may come down to the small details.  I’m not talking about getting mired in minutia, simply paying attention to some of the frayed edges around what is otherwise great work.

Like my cleaning ladies we often only pay attention to what is in our immediate line of sight.  By not looking up and around us we may be missing an unseen risk lurking in a corner of our work that could eventually undo us, or at minimum call our overall performance into question.

In a time when we are all pressed into doing more with less, an occasional small cobweb is inevitable.  But from time to time, glance up into the corners of your work and if there’s one or two waving in the breeze like the ones in my bedroom, take the extra step and remove them, even it’s not really your job.


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