One Incredible Year!

Ever had one?  Always wanted one?  I know someone who created one amazing year.  She was determined that her 35th year would be memorable, and was it ever!

What exactly happened is less important than how she made it happen.  That’s the lesson here – not to long after what she achieved, but to understand how she did it.


Of course we all need a goal or goals. But is there really anything new to say about goals?  Not a lot, but I might suggest that a goal you’re prepared to really go after will contain several important components:

  1. Passion

Does the goal you’re considering really speak to your passion or does it simply meet a short-term need (or want)?  Needs and wants come and go.  Real passion, like principles, is timeless and means something to you on many levels, emotionally, intellectually, physically and often spiritually.  It’s uniquely you and you’re hard-wired for it.

  1. Principles

Speaking of principles, a goal worthy of your time and effort won’t require you to take decisions or actions outside of your ethical framework.  Certain compromises may be required to pursue your passion, but if you’re considering compromises at the cost of your integrity there are likely to be long-term regrets. 

  1. Timeframe

It’s always good to have a timeframe in mind, but you also need to consider what’s driving that timeframe.  If there is a real drop-dead date involved make sure you begin with that end in mind and work back from there to determine the steps you need to take.

  1. Courage

Pursuing your real passion usually happens in concert with making courageous decisions.  I’m not suggesting irresponsibility, but the need to step outside of your comfort zone is very real.  If it wasn’t you would have realized that passion already, wouldn’t you?

  1. Commitment

Once you make the decision to go for it, don’t look back!  Yes, you can make small adjustments and recalibrations on the way forward, but forward is the only option.

And what about my friend who had the amazing year?  I saw all of these things reflected in her approach to creating an amazing year and as a result the year since has been one of enjoying the fruits of her labour and preparing to take that passion to the next level.

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