Outsourcing & Transitional Services

Full service outsourcing of Human Resources services provides you with HR expertise that is affordable, with the flexibility you need to meet changing business conditions.

HR Full Service Outsourcing

Organizations of every size are looking for ways to lower cost and increase results.  Outsourcing some or all of your HR functions creates those benefits and more.

  • Access to HR expertise that may otherwise be unaffordable
  • Greater focus on core business activities
  • Enhanced risk management
  • Expanded capacity through access to new ideas, proven best practices and access to a larger network of business contacts
  • Organizational transformation through an infusion of new thinking and best practices based on proven results

Exit Interviews

Conducted confidentially by a Human Resources professional, the Exit Interview can be an important learning tool to gather facts and other information pertaining to the actual work experience of a departing employee.   Data collected in the exit interview can be used to improve recruitment and retention of key staff, identify risk, improve staff communication, and provide insight into management and leadership practices.

Career Transition (On-Line or In Person)

Specific, client-focused packages that include:

  1. Assessment and Debriefing – The Assessment Tool will be selected based on client search objectives.  These may include a 360 component if desired.
  2. Twelve Hours of Coaching, based on individual need, which will include: Targeted Resume and Cover Letter Preparation; Job Search Consultation; Networking Strategies; Preparing References; Interview Preparation and Debriefing including Handling Difficult Questions; Reviewing/Negotiating the Job Offer.



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