Human Capital Consulting & Project Management

When the time or expertise needed is not available in-house, JM Wooster Inc provides high value, confidential human capital expertise and innovative HR solutions from short term projects to complete outsourcing solutions.

With expertise managing small to large scale projects on a local, national and international scale, JM Wooster Inc delivers on operational and transformational projects.  Our commitment to knowledge transfer ensures project outcomes are easily managed and sustainable without the need for ongoing consulting input. 

Examples of recent client projects include:

- Workforce Planning and Talent Assessment;

- Succession Planning;

- Specialized Recruitment (CEO/ED, EVP, C-Suite, Specialized Fundraising, Department & Program


- Talent Acquisition and Retention Strategy;

- HR Services Review;

- HCM Selection, Implementation and Training;

- Payroll Vendor and Process Review;

- Total Rewards and Recognition Program;

- Employee Engagement Solutions Facilitation.

Interim HR Leadership

During times of change, JM Wooster Inc can provide interim, transitional leadership to your HR function. We have successfully stop-gapped middle and senior leadership roles in HR for a variety of organizations to ensure high performance and momentum throughout the transition process. 

Performance and Management Coaching

Whether its coaching for improved performance or coaching to support a strong performer moving to the next level, our performance coaching program focuses on key performance areas designed to achieve measurable results. Using the co-active coaching model, the client will be actively involved in the development of a coaching plan that is specific, and contains identified milestones and accountabilities for accomplishment.


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The Sidecar Perspectives series of experience-based business stories is named for the place where I do some of my best reflective thinking - in a motorcycle sidecar on the open road.

In many organizations there is an expectation you will say "yes" more often than "no" if you want to be seen as someone who is on-board and driving innovation and results. Saying yes and grasping the opportunity is how things get done - at least that was always my experience.
Posted: 2015-10-14 10:07:00 AM

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