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Reading Recruitment Ads 101

Published: 2014-05-22 6:58:00 PM - Author: Janice Wooster
You are an enthusiastic job seeker. I am an employer who needs to fill a job. So far so good. But here’s the rub – do your education, skills and experience match what I need?

Sounds easy to figure out but experience shows me that’s not the case. We seem to get into trouble somewhere in the translation of reality vs desire.

Corporate Values - Are They Still Relevant?

Published: 2014-05-07 7:02:00 PM - Author: Janice Wooster
About 15-20 years ago everybody started jumping on the well-intentioned “values” bandwagon. Not surprising when you consider that identifying an organization’s values was meant to create a foundation for defining how work is performed, how people were to conduct themselves, what qualities and behaviours best reflect organizational practice and culture, etc. And a lot of HR people, like me, put in a lot of time facilitating focus groups, aligning values with performance indicators, building them into our employer branding, and demonstrating how values would enhance the organization’s strategic direction. Now, 15-20 years down the road, where are we really?

The Ethics of Job Interviews – Who Owns Presentations Made By Job Candidates?

Published: 2014-04-17 6:56:00 PM - Author: Janice Wooster
This one hits close to home as the result of an experience my son had a couple of years ago.

He was invited in to interview for a marketing position with a very well known company. A great opportunity for someone not long out of college and looking to move to the next level. After the requisite screening by HR, he was invited in to meet with the Marketing Director and one or two other members of the team. Part of the interview was to include a presentation on a marketing concept he had developed based on very general criteria given by the employer.

Real-Life Horrible Bosses!

Published: 2014-02-14 5:53:00 PM - Author: J. Wooster
No, I haven’t seen the movie – I don’t need to because I’ve not only read the book I’ve seen the stage production in far too many workplaces. There’s not much the movie can add to the real life experience.

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