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Job Applicants Are Customers Too - Do They Feel Valued?

Published: 2013-06-20 7:00:00 PM - Author: Janice Wooster
Regardless of the business the message to me, the customer, is always the same with a few variations. We value your business – you’re important to us –what can we do to improve our service - we want to meet and exceed your expectations – your satisfaction is guaranteed.

And so it should be – if I’m an existing or potential customer, then I really am an important asset and a costly one to acquire and cultivate.

But do I get that same great service oriented, warm fuzzy welcoming feeling if I apply for a job at the same company?

As A Recruiter What Do You Value More - Education Or Experience?

Published: 2013-04-26 7:05:00 PM - Author: Janice Wooster
Today, it is a rare job advertisement that doesn’t ask for a college diploma or university degree. I’ve even seen positions at not much more than minimum wage stating that a degree is a job requirement. Hmmm, I wonder what their turnover rate is like?!?

But in the final analysis, is it education or experience that clinches the hiring decision?

I'd Rather Ask For Forgiveness Than Ask For Permission

Published: 2013-03-18 8:10:00 PM - Author: Janice Wooster
Brace yourself, because my patience has really run out on this one. What a sorry excuse for the inability to collaborate, communicate, acknowledge the validity of other people, and understand that there is a larger organization beyond your own little fifedom. This is a very popular approach being taken by people who lack the ability to see anything other than what's important to them.

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