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Workplace Stress - Take My Breath Away

Published: 2010-10-15 8:14:00 PM - Author: Janice Wooster
If you’re in HR you’re definitely familiar with the effects of stress in the workplace. We see the outcomes consistently in lost time at work, increased illness and medical costs, employee turnover, inability to attract the best staff, and in some really unfortunate and extreme instances, it can break out as violence.

So I’m always interested when I come across articles and resources suggesting they can help to reduce stress in the workplace. But lately, I’m beginning to see an imbalance between employer and employee responsibility. The trend seems to be moving away from assisting the employer to be aware of their role in reducing unnecessary stress in the workplace, and placing responsibility for managing what I can only assume is now the accepted inevitability of increasingly stressful workplaces squarely on the employee.

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